What is a 10×10 kitchen?

A 10×10 kitchen is the standard unit of measure that the kitchenindustry has decided to use in order to have a common pricing structure to compare “apples to apples”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a cabinet company will use this method when advertising their prices, however.

A 10×10 kitchen Includes:

  • 1- W1230
  • 2- W1830
  • 1- W3030
  • 1- W3612
  • 1- W3015
  • 1- CW2430
  • 1- B18
  • 1- B24
  • 1- LS3612
  • 1- SB36
  • 1- BTK8

The actual cabinet order for your layout may be more or less, based on overall size and cabinet options selected. The 10’x10′ Sample Kitchen is based on the 12 items listed below and does not include crown molding, decorative hardware, countertop, sink/ faucet or appliances. The drawings shown below are a sample of what you can expect to receive when you get a FREE kitchen design from CabinetOnDeman.com. You can also visit our Products page for more for more information regarding your kitchen cabinet design.